Upgrade Your Old Fashion Notary to a Mobile Notary Today!

When you find out that you need to have one of your documents notarized your first reaction is probably, “Oh great, another headache just to get through this tedious paperwork.” This is because most people think of the old fashioned way of getting something notarized. Which is tracking down a company that has a notary on staff, being put on hold while making an appointment for when the notary is available to see you, then sitting in some boring dusty waiting area while you wait for the notary to come greet you, when you would rather be doing absolutely anything else.

Well lucky for you, that’s no longer the case. Little Miss Notary has broken down those dreadful barriers that cost you your time and being inconvenienced. The new way to get something notarized is to have a mobile notary come straight to you.

The ladies at Little Miss Notary work around your schedule and your location. We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and on top of that you can simply text us to make an appointment. So forget the old dreadful ways of getting something notarized and book your mobile notary appointment today at (619) 609 – 8697.

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