Notary Fee                                                                                                 $15

Little Miss Notary adheres to the California regulated cost of $15.00 per notarized signature.  We are in tune with San Diego notary costs.

Example: If there are two signers on a page, total costs for the single page would be $30.00.  Two signers on two pages would be $60.00.

Formula: Number of signers (x) Number of signatures (x) $15 = Total Costs.  

Travel Fee                                                                                                  $75

Between 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM regular business hours schedule block and travel starts at $75.00 per document to a single location in San Diego. This would be in addition to the California Regulated Notary Cost of $15 per notarized signatures. We are glad to accommodate fair San Diego notary costs.

* higher fee applied for earlier or later, $150 travel fee for hospitals, nursing/ retirement facilities/ police stations depending on availability and location.