Need a Power of Attorney Notarized?


So what exactly is “Power of Attorney”? In general, a Power of Attorney agreement gives an “agent” the power to assist the “principal” with his or her financial affairs or make health care decisions for them. The agent is the person who is given the power to act on behalf of the principal. You should note that the principal is not giving up their power to act on their own behalf.  The power of attorney only steps in if the principal is no longer mentally or physically capable of running their personal, legal, and financial affairs.

A power of attorney agreement dealing with financial matters must be signed by the principal either before a notary public, or before two witnesses. The law regarding powers of attorney in California is found in the California Probate Code, Section 4000.

It is best to have a Power of Attorney agreement in place before the principal actually needs one.  It will save them a lot of grief and headache in the future, especially if something unexpected and unfortunate were to occur, that impairs the principal’s mental or physical health. By having a power of attorney agreement already in place, the principal wouldn’t have to risk the court appointing a conservator or guardian that may not be in line with their wishes. Also, executing a durable power of attorney is relatively inexpensive and the forms are pretty standard and simple.

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